Sigal Yaar was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1968.


Her distinctive specialization is painting, sculpturing & graphic design.

In her paintings, Sigal Yaar uses objects that she collects, recycles, and then aspires in them a new meaning & existence. Her personal and subjective judgment and the subject of paintings are constantly rejuvenated using a real and an imaginary camera.

Her tendency to combine 3D & 2D led her to use Assemblage, collage and to develop unique bevel techniques along with illustrative and classical painting skills.

Her artwork has been displayed in galleries and has been purchased for the personal collection of notable collectors.

Escuela de Artes Aplicadas, BCN, Spain - Visual Communication
'Vital', Tel Aviv, Israel - Graphic Design
Ramat Hasharon Academy of Art ('Midrasha') -

Painting & Sketching

Amnon David Ar - Oil painting workshop

Smadar Katz Art Center' - Oil Painting workshop

'Dalit Moseri studio' - Sculpturing
'Bamuza Studio' - Painting


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Solo Exhibition


'The Fertility Deity', Tova Osman Art Gallery, TLV. Curator: Nurit Tal-Tenne

Selected Group Exhibitions


The International Women's Day, Discount Bank, TLV. Curators: Shulamit Nuss & Hagit Peleg Rotem.


'Comme il Faut', Artists house, Rishon Lezion. Curators: Etti f. Bashevitz & Melina Gvaram.


'Overwhelmed', Beit Yad Lebanim gallery, Ramat-Hasharon. Curator: Orit Lutriger.


'Credit Point 2018', A donation group exhibition for the 'Spirit of Israel' and Discount Bank,

'Eretz Israel Museum', Tel Aviv.

Curators: Shulamit Nuss & Vera Pilpoul.

'The Silverplate', Beit Yad Lebanim gallery. Ramat-Hasharon. Curator: Ronit Zur.


'Credit Point 2017', A donation group exhibition for the 'Spirit of Israel' and Discount Bank, Shenkar College. Curators: Shulamit Nuss & Vera Pilpoul.

The International Women's Day, HerzLilienblum – Museum of Banking & Tel Aviv Nostalgia. Curators: Shulamit Nuss & Vera Pilpoul.


'Credit Point 2016', A donation group exhibition for the 'Spirit of Israel' and Discount Bank, 'White City', Tel-Aviv. Curators: Shulamit Nuss & Vera Pilpoul.


'Secret art #8'. Leumi Bank, Mani House.

Tel-Aviv. Curators: Esti Drori & Doron Pollak.

A donation group exhibition for Schneider hospital - Tirosh Gallery, Herzelia. Curator: Shulamit Nuss


'Meeting Place'. The Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. Curator: Adi Yekutieli.


'Six Dots', PJCC, Stanford University, USA. Curator: Simcha Moyal.

'Tel-Aviv Accessible Art Fair', Museum of Antiquities, Jaffa. Curator: Stephanie Attias.


Leading Artists Gallery online Landscapes Competition, Honorable Mention category. Juror: W. Michael Bartman

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